One of the prominent production and distribution houses in Tamil film industry is ‘CLAPBOARD PRODUCTION’. Founded by V Sathyamurthi, the renowned company has produced over two films and distributed over seven films; the count is still going on. ‘CLAPBOARD PRODUCTION’ is located at Vadaplanai, the hub of Tamil film industry.

V Sathyamurthi, who is a Civil Engineer by profession, has always had an extra special love towards cinema since from his childhood. The purest dreams of a purest person will come true some day and as a result, CLAPBOARD PRODUCTION, the dream of Civil Engineer turned Actor V Sathyamurthi has been founded. The main ambition of the company is to encourage new talents and to showcase their innovative works.

When it comes to films, Quality and Refreshment are the two favorite factors of Audience. It is not that much easy to impress the Tamil Audience because their taste and knowledge on cinema is growing day by day. V SATHYAMURTHI has clearly picked up the exact pulse of Audience and presents commercial films with good content through his most promising production and distribution house – ‘CLAPBOARD PRODUCTION’.